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                               Group Classes

Taking Group lessons is a wonderful and inexpensive way to learn how to dance and to meet other people with the same objective.And our fabulous instructors make it fun!  Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes

             New 8 Week Dance Cycle Class Schedule                         
    Mondays             6:45pm              Argentine Tango (Adults) Beginners                            Starts Oct 28, 2019
    Mondays             7:30pm              Argentine Tango (Adults) Intermediate                        Starts Oct 28, 2019
    Mondays             8:15pm              Ballroom and Latin Mix (Adults)                                   Starts Oct 28, 2019
    Tuesdays            6:00pm              Belly Dance (Adults)                                                    Starts Oct 29, 2019
    Tuesdays            7:30pm              Salsa Bachata Merengue (Adults)                               Starts Sept 17, 2019
    Wednesday        6:00pm               Viennese Waltz (Adults) Ballroom                               Starts Oct 30, 2019 
    Wednesday        645pm                West Coast Swing (Adults) Beginners                         Starts Oct 30, 2019
    Wednesday        6:45pm               West Coast Swing (Adults) Intermediates                   Starts Oct 30, 2019     
    Wednesday        7:30pm               Salsa 101 (Adults) Beginners                                      Starts Oct 30, 2019
    Wednesday        7:30pm               Salsa Intermediates  (Adults)                                      Starts Oct 30, 2019
    Wednesday        8:15pm               Latin and Salsa Intermediate (Adults)                         Starts Oct 30, 2019
    Wednesday        8:15pm               Kizomba Cumbia Bachata and Salsa (Adults)            Starts Oct 30, 2019
    Thursday           6:45pm                Ballroom 101 Beginners(Adults) *                               Starts Oct 31, 2019
    Thursday           7:30pm                Ballroom 102 (Adults)                                                  Starts Oct 31, 2019
    Thursday           7:30pm                Hustle, Cha Cha, Lindy and Foxtrot                            Starts Oct 31, 2019
    Fridays              6:45pm                Social Dancing Basics for Beginners (Adults)             Starts Nov 1, 2019
    Fridays              7:30pm                Tango, Salsa & Swing Combo   (Adults)                     Starts Nov 1, 2019
   Saturdays           4:00pm                Junior Ballroom (Kids)                                                 Starts Nov 2, 2019
   Saturdays           5:00pm                Belly Dance (Adults)                                                    Starts Nov 2, 2019

***** Call or Text us at 845-545-0543 to register for these classes!!!**********
​    The classes starting are an 8 week group class for $130 per person, Come Solo or bring a partner!!!

​                                                                     Private Lessons

Private lessons are one-on-one instruction accommodating your personal dance needs.​Learn at your own pace and scheduled at your convenience. Let our professional staff guide & care for you as you take your first steps. Accomplished dancers can further their dance knowledge with private lessons by continuously developing their style & technique.

1 private lesson - $75.00 per lesson
5 lesson package - $340.00
10 lesson package - $650.00
Two people max during private dance lesson (No Extra Charge if you have a partner)
Lessons are by appointment only. No partner needed.
Each session is 45 min long, one on one with professional dance teacher/ Scheduled 7 days a week by appointment